WhatsApp will display full-screen advertisements from 2020!

The WhatsApp instant messaging app will start showing full-screen ads in 2020. These ads will be demonstrated through the app’s status tool, similar to the social network Instagram, in which every two or three stories played, there will be a display of various advertisements.

Rumors that WhatsApp would start receiving ads in the app had been circulating for some time on digital media, but now we have an explicit confirmation from Facebook, the parent company of the messaging app, since this new feature in the app was recently announced during the event Facebook Marketing Summit.

Advertisements on WhatsApp through status

When WhatsApp launched, its creators promised that they would not sell their users’ data or place ads on the platform. Instead, the app charged an annual fee of 99 cents to generate revenue and cover the costs of chatting with millions of users. Throughout its existence, WhatsApp has experienced tremendous growth after the acquisition of Facebook and now has more than 1.5 billion users from around 180 countries. The owners of the application then changed their opinions about the ads and, in that year, informed that they intend to add them to the platform.

This announcement took place at the Facebook Marketing Summit, Facebook’s annual event in the Netherlands, which took place on May 21, 2019. With slides showing how the ads will be introduced in the app, the app team announced the news of displaying advertisements on the app . From this recent status feature on gb whatsapp download 2020, the app will be guaranteed a new way of monetizing its services.

Like Instagram’s “Stories” feature, WhatsApp’s “Status” fills the entire screen when you click on them. WhatsApp added this Status feature last year, allowing users to create temporary 24-hour posts as a way to share the latest happenings in their lives with their contacts.

With this new advertising feature in the messaging application, advertisements will also appear, as well as “status”, in full screen for users. Instead of showing a photo and a contact profile name when selecting a status, the name of the advertiser or company will appear in the associated ad. In addition, WhatsApp ads will allow users to discover more information about the advertiser by sliding the ads upwards.

Thus, through this feature, WhatsApp will provide companies and advertising agencies with sending commercials to users, with products targeted based on their interests.

The pending application still has less invasive advertisements, since the interest is that users continue to use the application without migrating to competing platforms. However, it is unclear what data Facebook intends to extract from people’s “private conversations” to target ads to users.

This feature will be available on both Android and iOS systems from the application updates in 2020.

What’s new in WhatsApp Businesses

At the event it was also confirmed that WhatsApp Business , the version of the application aimed at messaging between customers and small and large companies, will receive updates focused on an organization for the most direct and simple contact between users.

Customers using WhatsApp for Business will then be able to experiment with advanced message format options, with new display formats, for example, PDFs and images, in which it will be possible to add text to the messages to which such files have been attached.

In addition, the existing Facebook Ads Manager catalog will be integrated with the WhatsApp product catalog, which will provide a simpler and more direct view of the products offered by each company, thus providing information on prices and full descriptions of the businesses and products. .

Responses of some users to the novelty of applications

After the announcement made at the event, some users were not convinced by the new feature. These users opposed the display of propagated from the application’s status tool, discussing the possibility of using other instant messaging applications, such as the Telegram application.

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